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Logo creation

logo creation

A graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote your identity to the public

Graphic design

graphic design

Communicate your message through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration



A visual explanation of your idea designed to be used in other medias e.g. posters, books

The philosophy

DS Design is a small yet mighty creative studio in Barnstaple, North Devon dedicated to bringing you the most beautiful logos, graphic design, and illustration.

The aim is to make effective design readily accessible to anyone by researching your target audience, guiding you through the whole process and working with you along the way until you are happy with the final result.

The studio is heavily focused on helping everyone so whether you’re an international enterprise or a local independent start up you'll find the same great help and practical guidance here that can make a real difference to your business.

Recent testimonials

'Returning customer, he keeps providing prompt and beautiful designs, managing to capture the brief perfectly every time.'
Joanne Lewis

'Creative and professional and always a pleasure to work with. I'm always blown away with everything he designs.'
Chris Coles


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Logo creation

One of the most important aspects of how the outside world perceives you. It’s the careful collaboration of colour, shape and layout that can help people understand what it is you do so well.

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Graphic design

It’s everywhere we look and influences all our lives on a daily basis. From business cards to billboards and posters to packaging. Get it right and your message can reach your audience far and wide.

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Communicate your message in a unique way to a wider audience. Whether digitally drawn or beautifully crafted by hand there are unlimited possibilities.

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Dale Stiling graphic design and illustration


I'm a professional freelance graphic designer and illustrator with over 15 years industry experience. I've had the pleasure of designing for clients across a wide and varied range of projects including: logos, branding, advertising, packaging, labels, clothing, tattoos, books, magazines, stationery and weddings.

I believe that promoting your business in the most effective way should be for everyone so whether you’re a massive international enterprise or a local independent start up you'll find help and practical guidance here that can make a real difference.

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Five tips for creating an unforgettable logo design

Logos are one of the most important aspects of how the outside world perceives you. It is the careful collaboration of colour, shape and layout that can help people understand what it is you do so well.

Here are five top tips gathered from my experiences designing in my North Devon studio.

Designing a logo does take a lot of thought and planning and it is very important to create something that represents you and your business but also something that your target audience can relate to and ultimately remember.

1. See it big, and keep it simple

Some of the most memorable logo designs are the ones that are simple, classic, and easy to understand. Often all they include is the company name and simple mark. Nothing else.

Great examples of this perfectly executed simplicity are: Fedex, Nike, Levis and Mercedes-Benz to name a few. What links them altogether is the use of a simple mark, font, colour, or layout which represents them, and that people worldwide can identify with. The sign of a great logo is when people see and remember your mark and immediately think of your company.

Unforgettable logo design

The useful thing about simple logos is that they can be used across a wide number of applications. Take Mercedes-Benz for example and how it can be used in a multitude of ways, yet you recognise the brand every time.

Unforgettable logo design

One of the biggest mistakes made when designing a logo is to try and cram them with too much information resulting in a confusing message. Try to stick to these key points when creating your logo:

  • Keep the colour palette simple – no more than three colours

  • Try not to use long words or too many words

  • If you are going to create something clever or use an effect just use it the once

  • Stay clear from small or thin fonts (logos should remain legible even when made small)

  • Always keep the end user in mind. What might look good to you might not work great for your target audience.

2. What are you trying to be?

Your logo should be unique to you and ultimately represent what it is you do so well. When designing your logo think carefully about how the use of colour or imagery could affect how people perceive you. Shape and colour can play a huge part when planning your design. Careful consideration should be used so you do not have a negative impact on your users and clients. Try answering these questions whilst you are in the design process:

1. How does your logo sit amongst other in the same industry?
2. Does it showcase your services effectively?
3. Could someone viewing it for the first time understand what it is and what it is about?

It is also a good idea to involve other people (but not too many) in the process of designing as other opinions / viewpoints can often lead to a stronger final design. It is easy to get lost in the creative and end up diluting the main message.

TIP: Write down your key message at the start of the thought process and refer to it during and after each concept design is completed.

Unforgettable logo design

3. Creative with colour

Colour plays a huge part in logo design and is a key element in how people react to your logo and brand. Again, the same message applies to logo design as it does with colours – keep it simple. Try sticking to a core palette of no more than three colours – you can always extend the colour range throughout your branding by using tones and shades of your existing core three if needed.

Bold and bright colours are a great way to stand out but try not to use them too much and avoid colours that clash. Coolors is a useful online tool that helps create the perfect palette based on one or two colours.

The idea here is to create something that has some longevity without too many trendy elements or colours which can make your logo look quickly out of date and in need of another redesign.

TIP: Try and design your logo in black and white initially, then add in the colour. This way you know your design works in its simplest form.

4. Flex that logo

The sign of a well-designed, memorable logo is its ability to be used across different medias yet remains clearly identifiable to the audience. There will be cases where you will need to apply your logo over an image or scale your logo down for social media. It is a good idea to create a family or set of designs that take core elements from the logo design and use them in other ways, ensuring the brand remains recognisable.

1. Can you make the first letter of the logo into a smaller icon version? (Good for social media profiles)
2. Does it still read ok when small?
3. Can you use it over another colour?
4. Does it work over an image?

5. Research, research, and more research!

Designing or even coming up with an initial idea for a great logo can be a daunting task. To get the ball rolling always start by writing key points to easily reference back to. Then drawing quickly, brain dump all the potential ideas onto a page without any research until you have exhausted all your instinctive thoughts. Remember no idea is a bad idea so do not scrub any out!

Then get to work looking in books and online to find out what other people have done. This is a great exercise because not only can it widen your horizons to what is possible, but it also eliminates ideas that have already been done.

Below are some useful research points to get you started:

  • Pinterest Great for making mood boards

  • Logopond Community site for showcasing logo designs

  • Behance Brilliant for everything Adobe and creative


Creating a winning logo does take some time and thought. Just make sure you stick with it, revise it, show it to other people and you will have success. Remember to keep your design simple and incorporate thoughtful choices as you go through the process. The best designs always tell people about the brand and business and will be remember. Get creative and have fun!


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